Changing the Way
We Think of Our Safety

Tox Block is very proud to be an American manufacturer.  Servicing a wide range of industries with an extraordinary reputation for quality, value and reliability. We source the finest quality components and because we manufacture in the U.S. our supply chain is shorter, “greener”, and we can offer customization solutions tailored to your needs.


Social Distancing.

Protection for clients and employees.

Necessary and Mandatory. 

The United States is cautiously restarting commercial activities which include mandatory SOCIAL DISTANCING GUIDELINES for the protection of both customers and employees. Guidelines that will most definitely affect the way businesses handle employee-customer relations.

Commercial stores, restaurants, city buildings, hotels, banks, airports, and virtually every “brick and mortar” business will be seeking solutions to provide these protective measures in a safe and economical way without blocking visibility at counters, reception areas, etc. where personal interaction is of utmost importance.
For this very reason, Tox Block USA is introducing our TB-XR86xx clear vinyl fabric as a versatile, effective, and economical solution to minimize the visual impact for those cases where social protection will be necessary, while at the same time providing a more warm, natural environment. Tox Block TB-XR86xx also comes in design patterns to give your space a classic look of style.




Tox Block TB-XR86 is a 100% transparent vinyl fabric, ideal for both STANDARD / MANUAL and MOTORIZED applications, which can remain totally closed or temporarily and partially open to allow for the necessary completion of business transactions.




We encourage you to begin to think about  the Tox Block USA brand and TB-XR86xx to meet the needs of companies, both large and small, of providing their customers and employees a safe shopping/working environment. Be proactive in providing your customers this most practical, versatile, and economical solution as an alternative to much more expensive acrylic or poly-carbonate partitions/windows.
 Tox Block USA will produce special orders of our Tox Block TB-XR86xx in a width up to 100" 
Please contact your Sales Executive to negotiate volume discounts.